Books and Friendships

Did you know that there is such thing as International Friendship Day?

Well, we didn’t either yet here we are. It is on the 30th of July to be exact. We want you to read on to find out why we decided to mark this date.

Regardless of the importance or relevance of this day in your life, we wanted to mark it. Friendship is important and the values of friendship such as honesty, integrity and loyalty are very important values to us here at The Book Resort. Producing and working within the gifting industry allows us to be part of the friendship process day in day out with our amazing little gift boxes! We love writing all your cards to your friends and family when you send them gifts. It is probably one of our favourite parts of the whole process.

Anyhow, friendships come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are fleeting and some last a life time. Have you many friendships in your life?

The reason we ask this is because we know that whether you do or don’t – there’s always room for more and we have just the one for you….

The best kind of friendship is one that is built around ones love of books and that is exactly the type of friendship we believe, as a company, we have with you, our audience. However, we also have a fantastic friendship developing in our ever growing BOOK CLUB!

We know we rave on about it a lot but we just love the community that has been made through our The Book Resort Book Club. So many of you get involved every week and we want to keep the momentum going over there because we have big plans in the pipeline!

Friendships can form at any time and in any place so why not become a member of our online community and potentially build great relationships and friendships from the best foundation – a love of all things books!

Over in our book club we don’t only discuss our monthly picks. We also give away free books from time to time and the people who receive them always let us know what they thought. Discussions are had about people’s favourite books, most disliked genres, how they find the time to read, how they read 10 books at once etc!

So come on over and be part of our ever growing community. At the moment we have over 600 members which is so amazing to see.

If you’re feeling a bit shy however or are happy with your friends and don’t want anymore (are you crazy?) then why not tell those special people in your life what they mean to you! You and I both know that we don’t do it enough. Shop some of our amazing gift boxes and gifts for friends here. These unique and meaningful gifts are our most rated friendship favourites. Let these meaningful friendship gifts enable you to start building stronger friendships through the love of books!

Have a great day everyone!

The Book Resort Team x