What does it mean to be ‘successful’ and ‘valuable’?

When the word ‘successful’ or ‘valuable’ is brought up, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Truly think about this now before you read on and maybe even write it down because this moment could actually be life changing for you! (A bit dramatic? Maybe!)

For some, success comes in the shape of $$. Being successful to them means heavy and bulging wallets and purses, a ‘good job’ (whatever that means), having the newest car, the biggest house or the biggest following on Instagram. Why is this the case when it comes to value and success?

This question is always in the back of my mind, especially when this type of materialistic ‘success’ is not available or accessible to everyone at all times and more often than not, is never accessible at all.

Yes, this type of ‘success’ can be meaningful with many people working their lives away to achieve and progress, but a lot of the time many people simply fall into this success through, for example, having a privileged background, inheritance or simply pot luck - like the lotto. These days (particularly on social media) this type of success, value and fame can often be a front that is simply just for show and for the camera. Is this why we deem it as being successful

Is it because some people just portray their success and belongings better than others? Or is it simply because not everyone can have it? They say that we always want what we can’t have. It is quite an interesting idea and thought. So why do we place so much value on this type of success? Societal frameworks and values have made us the most fickle animal known to man. For this reason, so many of us only see value in things that are considered by society to be valuable and successful i.e. a lot of money.

But this type of success and happiness is only a short term satisfaction. Money may make me happy if I can finally buy that book I’ve wanted to read. However, money won’t read the book for me, will it? Money has allowed me to buy those fancy Jo Browne bedsheets I wanted for the last year, but money won’t actually do the action of washing, dressing and making the bed on my behalf.

So why, when money is only a means to an end, do we hold so much value and success in its existence? Money makes the world go round, but so does the sun - and you won’t catch me on a better day or in a better mood than when the sun is shining. Money will pay my phone bill but it won’t talk to or be there for my best friend when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

The point here is that YES, money and material objects can often lend us a hand in achieving those goals that we set out to be successful at, however, it won’t hold our hand throughout the process. For this reason we need to find success in the little things like finishing that book or making that bed. If we don’t do this, we are never going to feel achieved, successful or valuable. So start making your bed in the morning and find that extra hour in your hectic schedule to finish that book.

So don't look for success and value on your banking app or outside your door on the driveway and start finding success and value in everything you do (like reading more books)!

Make that bed and read more books!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

The Book Resort Team x