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Jane Darcy is Ireland’s most exciting luxury home fragrance & lifestyle brand. Jane Darcy was founded by Gillian Halpin, a working mum of two young girls.  All too aware of the precious moments passing her by, Gillian made it her mission to treasure the little moments in life, and to encourage those around her to do the same, and thus Jane Darcy was born. Jane Darcy is a combination of Gillian’s daughters’ middle names’ Jane & Darcy.

At Jane Darcy, they  are committed to enriching and touching lives by creating luxurious lifestyle products that encourage you to treasure the little moments in life…the moments that matter the most.

Jane Darcy Tranquility Candle ~ A sophisticated fusion of floral and oriental notes. A beautifully unique & unexpected fragrance. This exotic scent is characterised by the delicate & feminine aroma of the black rose, teamed with the golden warmth of sweet amber. Magnificent notes of Oud adds an air of elegance with it’s woody, earthy richness. Tranquil, yet captivating.

Jane Darcy All is CalmBeautifully sophisticated. This warm and earthy fragrance oozes luxury, creating a calm and relaxing ambience in any home. Perfect for those cosy nights in. A rich blend of musky & woody notes gives this scent an air of mystery. Utterly addictive.

Jane Darcy Diffuser Precious Moments ~ A rich & precious scent with a light, pretty floral feel. Intense & addictive. Beautiful warm notes of pure white jasmine steal the show, while the distinctive woody notes of sandalwood add a masculinity to the scent. A stunning combination of some of the world’s most precious ingredients.Each Jane Darcy candle is accompanied by a complementary box of matches and presented in a luxurious gift box.


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