Monthly Book Subscription

Enjoy complimentary shipping on our subscription boxes shipping to Ireland and the north of Ireland

Imagine a lovely box arriving filled with wonderful things to bring you joy.  Sign up for a monthly subscription box and have your very own gorgeous book box delivered to your door with fabulous stuff for you to enjoy. 

Standard monthly subscriptions are €34.95 per month with free delivery in Ireland, including the north of Ireland.

If you wish to pay in advance, click here, if you wish to pay monthly - keep reading!

Each glossy signature subscription box has the following:

A brilliant new book (you can choose the genre in the checkout) ✔️

Large delicious bar of chocolate from one of Irelands many fabulous chocolatiers✔️

Little artisan gift from a small, local Irish business (items like hand cream, bath bombs, lip balms etc) ✔️

Gorgeous, exclusively Irish designed card and we will hand write the message you leave in the box in the checkout✔️

Your receipt is emailed to you, it is never shipped with your order. 

Subscription boxes ship from Waterford, Ireland around the 1st of next month.

Free shipping in Ireland and the north of Ireland.

  • Monthly Book Subscription Box

    You sign up

    Sign up using one of the buttons on this page.

  • Book Subscription Box Ireland

    We start packing your subscription box

    We include brillant books, delicious chocolate and gorgeous artisan gifts in our book subscription boxes.

  • The Book Resort Van | Book Subscription Delivery

    Subscription boxes ship on the 1st of every month.

    If you would like your subscription box shipped before the 1st of next month, or delayed just contact us.

Why subscribing is a good idea...

...You can pause your subscription anytime (for as long as you like)

 ...You can cancel your subscription anytime (no notice is required) 

 ...You can change the payment date (as often as you wish)

 ...If you have read the subscription book already, we will pop an extra book into your next subscription box (we don't even ask for the first book back)

 ...You are in with a chance to win a complimentary free month if you upload a picture of your box to Instagram and tag us #thebookresort


When will my subscription box ship?

Subscription boxes ship on the 1st working day of every month. If the 1st of the month is a weekend or bank holiday, subscription boxes will ship on the next working day.

Can you send the first box to me and the rest to the recipient?

Absolutely, just contact us here or reply to your confirmation email with your request and we can do that no problem.

Is there a voucher I can give to the recipient?

Yes, in your confirmation email there is a link to an e-voucher that you can print.  Alternatively, we can also post you a physical voucher for you to give to the recipient or we can post it to the recipient on your behalf. Just contact us here or reply to your confirmation email with your request.

What is the last order dates for subscription boxes?

The day before the 1st of the month, eg the 30th/31st of every month.

What if I already read the book?

If this does happen, please accept our apologies. Just contact us here and let us know and we will pop an extra book into your next subscription box for you.

**applies to Ireland and north of Ireland only**

You do not need to send us the first book back. Please gift/donate or pass on the first book to someone you know who would like it.   

Subscription boxes being shipped!