Monthly Book Subscription Box

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Monthly Subscription Box

Discover a world of joy with our Monthly Book Subscription! Our subscription box brings new reads to your doorstep each month, not to mention the delicious chocolate and Irish artisan goods that are included for you to enjoy.

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Advance Book Subscription Box

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Advance Subscription

Discover a world of new books with our monthly book subscription box that sends handpicked titles to your doorstep, along with a variety of chocolate and Irish artisan gifts.  This is an exceptional gift to give and to receive.  Gift a box of joy that will arrive month after month.  

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Bespoke Book Subscription Box

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Bespoke Subscription Box

A book subscription box curated just the way you like it!  Choose a bespoke subscription and you can mix & match the contents of your box. Each bespoke box starts off with a book from a genre of your choosing and you can add as many or as few extras as you wish. 

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Candle Only Subscription

Candle only subscription

Candle Subscription

Would you like to receive a candle from a different Irish business every month for 3 months? Little & large candle options are available.

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Sock Subscription

Sock only subscription

Sock Subscription

Would you like to receive a pair of socks every month for 3 months?

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Chocolate Subscription

Chocolate only subscription

Chocolate Subscription

Get your chocolate fix and satisfy your sweet tooth with our chocolate subscription. Enjoy a monthly delivery of different delicious Irish made chocolate straight to your door.

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  • We help you make people happy!

    Give the gift of happiness that keeps on giving.

    Did you know we have thousands & thousands & thousands of happy customers 😊

  • You are giving massive support to the Irish economy!

    Every purchase with us ensures that many other Irish producers and makers are benefitting so every sale with us makes lots of people in Ireland do a happy dance.

  • Free delivery nationwide

    All of our subscription boxes and gift boxes have free delivery either with our van or via courier. Did we mention that we hand write on every card too?

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