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Carter Beauty Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask - NO GIFT BOX

Carter Beauty Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask - NO GIFT BOX

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Carter Beauty Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid Facial Sheet Mask

Carter Beauty Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask was created to help soothe, hydrate, and plump your complexion. Formulated with hydration hero, hyaluronic acid, each mask works to keep skin moisturized, soothed, and healthy in a relaxing 15 minutes

Carter Beauty Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask is for dry, dehydrated skin. 

About Carter Beauty

Carter Beauty products are proudly designed in Ireland, and Carter Beautys number one priority to their customers is to provide innovative products that are both high quality and affordable.  Whether you’re into natural, glamorous or edgy kinds of makeup, Carter Beautys values have always been that beauty shouldn’t leave you broke!

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is a Peta-Approved member of Beauty Without Bunnies. Carter Beauty is completely cruelty-free and they do not test their products on animals, nor do they have animal testing conducted on their behalf or by anyone else. Certain products may contain beeswax which is derived from the animal but no animals are harmed in the production and testing of our products.

Ever since beginning in 2018, Carter Beauty ensured that they allowed extra care in hand picking every formula and shade, thus resulting in the growth of the Carter Beauty brand.   

"We’ve taken the award-winning ‘by Marissa Carter’ brand you know and love and we’ve evolved. If you live and breathe beauty, Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is the brand for you. Formulated by CEO and beauty expert Marissa Carter, Carter Beauty combines professional quality with Insta-worthiness, because what good is pretty packaging if the product doesn’t pack a punch? "


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