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Muckross Bookbinding Journals

Muckross Bookbinding Journals

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Muckross Bookbinding Journals

Handmade marble paper lined journals, made with acid free paper from Muckross Bookbinding.

x1 Notebook supplied in random colour.

Uniquely stylish and sure to stand out, these Muckross Bookbinding Journals are handmade with acid-free marble paper! Keep your ideas safe and sound in this chic and sturdy ode to timeless craftsmanship!

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About Muckross Bookbinding

At Muckross Bookbinding, in Killarney National Park, they employ traditional bookbinding skills, with modern conservation methods, to provide the very best, all-round, care for items on paper.

They undertake rare book and paper repairs on early printed books, manuscripts and maps, as well as on leather bindings and vellum documents. The only materials that they use are of archival quality and are acid free.

Each marbled notebook is unique and no two are ever the same.

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