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Stronger Mind, Stronger Body, Stronger Life Book

Stronger Mind, Stronger Body, Stronger Life Book

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Stronger Mind, Stronger Body, Stronger Life Book by Gavin Meenan

Having gone through trauma, anxiety and addictions, Gavin wanted to help other people find their direction in life. Through his personal training business, which he set up in 2013, Gavin has transformed the bodies, minds and lives of hundreds of men, giving them the tools required to level up their lives. 


It’s time for a wake-up call. Masculinity is in crisis. Without a vision, purpose or role models to emulate, men are confused. Now, more than ever, the world needs warriors – men who know what their mission is in life, achieve it and fight for what matters.

The warrior is strong in mind and body – and you can be too. The warrior is focused, determined and disciplined – and you can be too. The warrior lives a life few can dream of – and so can you. All you have to do is take the information in this book and use it. The path of the warrior lies before you. What are you waiting for?

'Stronger Mind, Stronger Body, Stronger Life' will show you how to:

• Manage your emotional state and take control of your mind
• Understand your motivations and build strong, healthy habits
• Learn how to strengthen your willpower and self-discipline
• Take control of your strength, fitness and health
• Create a powerful body that will support you on the path to greatness

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