Best Subscription Box in Ireland

Best Subscription Box in Ireland

Do you want to know what is the best subscription box in Ireland?  We are going to start with finding out what is a subscription box, some of the best subscription boxes that are available and why you should subscribe to a subscription box.

What is a subscription box?

Subscribing to a subscription box is a relatively new concept in Ireland.  The idea trickled over here from the USA and the UK where subscription boxes are common.  Subscribing to a subscription box is when you purchase a monthly subscription to a box that is delivered to your door on a regular basis.  Subscription boxes are filled with a curated selection of goods, depending on the category of the box you have subscribed to.  The subscription box arrives at your door regularly, most subscription boxes have a monthly delivery but some may be quarterly.

What are is the best Subscription Boxes in Ireland 2023?

There are quite a number of subscription boxes on the market, meaning It can be difficult to choose the best one for you. So we put together a list of the best subscription boxes for you to choose from.

  1. The Book Resort 

The Book Resort is an excellent book subscription box for anyone who loves to read. Each monthly box arrives with a new book (in a genre of your choice), a big bar of Irish chocolate and a gift from a small, local, Irish business.  It's giving the gift of happiness over and over again.  Sign up here.

  1. Chocolate subscription box

Oh yes, The Book Resort have a chocolate subscription box too   Get your chocolate fix and fuel your love of the sweet stuff with a chocolate subscription. Enjoy a regular delivery of delicious Irish-made chocolate straight to your door every month.  Sign up here.

  1. My Ireland Box

Discover Ireland through Irish made surprises delivered to you from the Emerald Isle!  My Ireland box is a subscription box full of Irish gifts to help you connect with Ireland.

 Why you should subscribe to a subscription box in Ireland?

People subscribe to subscription boxes for a multitude of reasons.  For some it's the convenience, others love the experience along with the surprise and delight that comes with every delivery.  For many, the thought of a gift that reoccurs every month and brings the recipient joy time and time again is a huge element.

There are many reasons why you might want to subscribe to a subscription box. Perhaps you want to try more things but would like someone else to curate and send you items.  Maybe you are looking for a way to discover different things.

No matter what your reasons, signing up to a subscription box can be a great way to discover more things that you might not of heard of before.

We have a special offer at the moment, where you receive a free subscription box if you sign up for a 6 month subscription. 
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