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NEEU Shave Gel 100ml
€ 19.95

NEUÚ Shave Gel (100ml) is designed to rejuvenate the skin and is free from harsh and abrasive ingredients that dehydrate skin. NEUÚ Shave Gel transforms into a rich lather packed with anti-irritating and soothing marine extracts. This allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin, simultaneously preventing razor burn and soothing skin during and immediately after shaving. 

NEEUs bespoke multi-step process extracts Essential Marine Fatty Acids - or lipids - from Atlantic seaweed. Lipids keep seaweed hydrated and elastic, protecting it from sun, salt, constant wave motion and abrasion.

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Ciara said..

"Absolutely brilliant business. Very good to deal with if you have any queries. The books are always brilliant, I don’t know how Aisling does it! Would highly recommend. The little touches to the packaging & attention to detail etc are what sets it apart from others."

Bee said..

"I purchased the 3 month subscription as a gift for a friend and he loves it. The fact that Irish companies are used for the chocolate and little gift is brilliant. I would highly recommend this service, such a great idea!"

Caitriona said..

"Ordered a couple of times from this company, such a brilliant idea, really affordable and thoughtful gifts and the customer service is excellent. Delivery was so quick and the packaging was beautiful. I would highly recommend!"

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Free Shipping in Ireland


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