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Nia Natural Beauty– Vitality Super Vitamin Facial Mask 30ml
€ 14.95

Vitamin Facial Mask – Vitality Super Vitamin Facial Mask – 30ml

Vitality Super Vitamin revitalising facial mask contains vitamin rich super foods and French green clay to brighten dull or tired skin showing signs of fatigue or environmental damage and restore a healthy glow. It contains hydrating aloe vera and healthy skin boosting wheatgrass and green tea to detox together with refreshing mandarin and skin balancing sandalwood, rose and ylang ylang to balance and restore your natural skins luminosity and radiance.

Use two to three times a week to get maximum benefit.

Best used in conjunction with the complete Vitality Super Vitamin skincare range for best results to keep skin healthy and youthful looking and help slow down the onset of lines and wrinkles.

Vitality Super Vitamin Facial Mask includes:

Anti-oxidant and vitamin packed wheatgrass

Energising green tea and spirulina

Detoxing French green clay

Soothing and hydrating aloe vera

Ylang ylang to balance and smooth

Rose oil to refine and hydrate

Sandalwood to soften and restore

Refreshing mandarin oil

Vitality Super Vitamin Facial Mask for all skin types to brighten and restore:

* Tired skin *Dull skin *Environmental damage * Fatigued skin

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