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Organicules Solid Conditioner Bar 40g

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Organicules Solid Conditioner Bar for Normal Hair 40g

Conditioner bar for normal hair containing the best natural, organic, vegan and eco-friendly ingredients to soften, moisturise and condition hair, define curls and calm down frizz.

Organic Argan oil is lightweight and easily absorbed, seals in moisture and reduces flyaways, leaving hair silky and glossy.

 Panthenol, improves the ability of the hair to retain moisture and improves flexibility and elasticity and helps define curls.

 Hydrolyzed rice protein is reported to increase hair volume by up to 32%. It increases the ability of the hair to bind moisture and adds shine and flexibity.

This organic essential oil blend contains a fresh citrusy blend of mandarin, sweet orange, bergamot and patchouli helps to cleanse the scalp and add shine to hair

How to use a Conditioner Bar

Organicules’ conditioner bars act differently to traditional water based conditioners.

Our conditioner bars don’t foam and are not mean’t to be applied to the scalp. They are designed to add conditioning ingredients to freshly shampooed hair.

 Simply stroke the conditioner bar along hair strands from the crown of your head to hair tips. This is best done under running water, as the heat of the water aids release of the natural condtioning agents. You’ll feel the detangling effect as you gently run your fingers through your hair.

Long hair can benefit from rubbing the conditioner bar along the tips of the hair.