Collection: The Irish Chandler

The Irish Chandler

After searching for a cleaner way to fragrance her new home in Ireland, Lisa, The Irish Chandler founder, decided to create her own scented candles. Lisa spent a long time researching and looking for the best quality waxes and fragrances, then after months of testing and experimenting with supplies she found the perfect combination of cotton core wicks and natural soy wax (unfortunately there isn’t a great climate in Ireland to grow soy beans but the wax is supplied by an Irish based distributor). These two simple components combined with the finest quality fragrance oils produces longer clean burning candles that are non-toxic and safe to use in around the home or in any workplace.

The Irish Chandler has steadily grown from a home grown Irish business into a recognisable brand that now produces hundreds of candles each week. Although new equipment has been introduced to cope with the large influx of sales, everything is still handmade in the Lisdoonvarna workshop, each candle is lovingly hand poured and all of the labels designed in-house are printed and then each one carefully attached to the jars by hand. The Irish Chandler consistently stocks over twenty stores in Ireland and other online stores in the UK and now the US. 

Irish Chandler Lavender Dreams

Calming and soothing Lavender + Chamomile blend is the perfect combination of scents to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

Irish Chandler Teolai Candle

 Warm Aran Sweaters & Hot Mugs of Tea, a roaring turf fire that keeps you cosy. Teolaí - how the Irish pronounce Hygge.

Irish Chandler Raglan Road

A slightly sweet, herbaceous fragrance reminiscent of a deciduous forest in early autumn.