Our Top 3 Staycation Recommendations | Book Recommendations

Our Top 3 Staycation Recommendations

Our Top 3 Staycation Recommendations

Have you got a staycation in Ireland planned this year?

If the answer is yes, we have some wonderful books that you should read.

Do you like to pop in and out of bookshops on your family staycation?

Of course you do!  If you see any of these books, we highly recommend picking them up.

Here is our best holiday at home reads for 2021.

Reading is our passion (if that wasn’t already obvious).  When we go away on family holidays, couple staycations or even solo travel, which are very rare these days, we make sure that we find and make the time to do the things we love which is of course, reading. For this reason we decided to do some research, reading and book reviewing so that we can recommend to you the best books for your staycation. These books will have you feeling lost in literature in no time.

When All is Said – Anne Griffin

If you like your books to be absolute page turners and you like to get your reading done in one sitting, we highly recommend Anne Griffin’s When All is Said. This novel is relatively short but an absolute page turner and for this reason you could most definitely have it finished before you decide to catch lunch in Killarney or head for a walk around Kilkenny castle on your staycation. When All is Said is a combination of sweetness and sadness that will have you feeling all types of emotions with every page. For a more in depth review, check out our book review on When All is Said here. Our book club members were huge fans of this book too!

When All is Said by Anne Griffin Recommendation

Home Stretch – Graham Norton

Now we couldn’t recommend books without mentioning one of Mr Graham Norton’s novels could we? When Graham first dabbled in writing many were apprehensive about what was to come. He knocked it out of the park with this one though! The storyline of Graham Norton’s 2020 novel Home Stretch was absolutely magical and had us up all night trying to finish it in order to find out what happened!

It is very reminiscent of Ireland and how situations happen and unfold here. It has such an intriguing and interesting storyline that it had to be put on our recommended list. If you visit any book shops on your 2021 staycation make sure to keep an eye out for this beautiful novel if you haven’t already read it – an absolute page turner and can also be considered great company whilst you’re sitting next to a pool having a delicious glass of wine on your staycation. Does this sound like a bit of you? You know it does!

Home Stretch by Graham Norton Book Recommendation

Milkman – Anna Burns

We wanted to slip in something a little unexpected with our last recommendation. Milkman by Anna Burns is a more advanced read but nonetheless captivating. With it being based in the North of Ireland we had to recommend it as we know many of you will be travelling to the North this year!  We found ourselves more interested in how the story was told than the actual story itself. If you are an advanced reader who likes to not only escape reality through a book but also likes to analyse it when it’s done, you will love this book! It has such a beautiful cover too, not that we ever judge books by their covers here….

Milkman by Anita Burns Book Recommendation


We couldn’t help but think about all of you who work so hard day in day out and find it hard to absolutely immerse yourself in relaxing and taking some time out. When you have a hectic lifestyle or career, it can be hard to pick up a book whilst you’re away as it can be difficult to fully enjoy it. But don’t worry, we’ve been on the prowl for you people too. Recently we dabbled in one of Mark Manson’s more famous novels The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k. This book is so grounding and mindful and easily explains the simplistic nature of life as well as how unimportant so many materialistic things are. It encourages the idea that we need to just live and do the things we love. We just had to recommend this book for you if you are the type of person who is looking to totally switch off from life but also open your mind whilst you are on vacation!  

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck Book Recommendation

You’re welcome! Now go relax and enjoy your staycation.

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