Collection: Dublin Herbalists

Dublin Herbalists 

Dublin Herbalists was founded in 2012 by Claire Brett who has proudly creates Dublin Herbalists skincare recipes herself.  Dublin Herbalists have some of the best skincare products in the Irish skincare market. 

Dublin Herbalists skincare products have an all organic and natural skincare ingredient list!  To ensure that healthy and youthful glow local and natural ingredients are a must! Dublin Herbalists skincare range promotes individuality and modernism all whilst encouraging natural and organic freedom in their skincare products. 

Dublin Herbalists Hand Cream 30ml – This handcream from Dublin Herbalists is perfect for every workers hands and fits neatly into even the most basic skincare routine. 

Dublin Herbalists Mango Body Butter – With ingredients like mango and avocado butter it is of no surprise that Dublin Herbalists skincare products are the best skincare products for 2021.

Dublin Herbalists Whipped Shea Butter – With a hint of sweet almond oil this Whipped Shea Butter is certain to leave your hands and feet feeling soft and rehydrated this winter. 

Dublin Herbalists Exfoliating Body Scrub - Powerful exfoliater that contains fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to remove impurities and buff and replenish dull or dry skin.