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 Lily O'Briens


Lily O'Brien's Chocolates has a heartwarming origin, stemming from the vision of Mary Ann O'Brien, who discovered her true passion for chocolate after recovering from a debilitating illness in the early 1990s. This newfound love for the delectable treat led her on a journey of exploration, where she honed her chocolate-making skills alongside world-class chefs and chocolatiers in South Africa and Europe.

In 1992, Mary Ann transformed her Kildare kitchen into a mini chocolate enterprise, armed with only two saucepans, a wooden spoon, and her then-toddler, Lily, acting as the production manager. She crafted high-quality chocolate recipes that soon garnered praise from friends and family.

Driven by her desire to expand and put excellent Irish chocolate on the global map, Mary Ann took the bold step of naming the company after her beloved daughter, Lily. Since then, Lily O'Brien's Chocolates has flourished, becoming one of Ireland's most cherished chocolatiers.

Throughout the years, the passion that ignited Mary Ann's journey still burns brightly in every aspect of the business. Family values hold a special place at the core of Lily O'Brien's, infusing their chocolates with a touch of love and care that sets them apart.

Located in the heart of Co. Kildare, the Lily O'Brien's team continues to create mouth-watering chocolate creations using only the finest quality ingredients. With each delectable treat, they carry forward the legacy of Mary Ann's love for chocolate and her dedication to crafting exceptional confections.

From humble beginnings to becoming an adored chocolatier, Lily O'Brien's Chocolates stands as a testament to passion, dedication, and the power of turning dreams into reality. With every bite, you can taste the love and commitment that makes Lily O'Brien's chocolates a true delight for chocolate lovers around the world.