Collection: Polly and Andy

Polly and Andy Ireland

Meet Polly and Andy, a loving mother and son residing in the picturesque fishing village of Cheekpoint, nestled in the serene East Waterford, Ireland.   One ordinary day, as Andy was getting dressed, he cheerfully exclaimed, "These don't hurt!" before joyfully running off to play. While Polly's heart brimmed with happiness for her beloved son, she couldn't help but think of other children who may face similar struggles in conveying their feelings and needs.

Driven by her desire to help others, Polly embarked on a journey of research, trial, and error, searching for the perfect solution to empower children like Andy. 

Bamboo, known for its extraordinary softness and smoothness, gently caresses the skin, providing a luxurious and comfortable feel. Moreover, it possesses the remarkable ability to naturally wick moisture away from the body, allowing it to evaporate more easily, and keeping the skin cool and dry – a boon for kids on the move.  Bamboo is sustainably grown, making it an eco-conscious choice. Its durability ensures that the clothing remains in pristine shape even after multiple washes, and when its purpose is fulfilled, it gracefully returns to the earth as it is biodegradable.

Thus, Polly and Andy's Bamboo Collection was born - a celebration of life, love, and the pursuit of joy for every child. Embodying the essence of sustainability, softness, and style, the collection aims to make a difference in the lives of children, just like Andy.