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Jo Browne Bamboo Sleep Mask - NO GIFT BOX

Jo Browne Bamboo Sleep Mask - NO GIFT BOX

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Jo Browne Bamboo Sleep Mask

100% Eco- Friendly Bamboo 

Experience the height of luxury with Jo Browne Bamboo Sleep Mask, crafted from the finest 100% eco-friendly bamboo. Discover a refreshing, blissful sleep with this elegant and sophisticated sleep mask. Let yourself drift away in the perfect serenity and peacefulness it provides - a truly exclusive experience.

Bamboo is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, odor resistant and so much more. Bamboo grows naturally, and requires no pesticides to keep it healthy.  When harvested for use, the roots remain, and the plant regenerates quickly. All of this combines to produce one highly effective and Eco-friendly Facecloth cloth that offers relative superiority to most other alternatives.

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