Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts

Picture this:

It’s Father’s Day 2025

You forgot it’s Father’s Day.

You're giftless and stressed.

The End. 

We’re back with a yearly reminder and this time.  What would you do without us to remind you? 

Father’s Day happens once a year, every year and we can almost guarantee that you probably leave purchasing your Father’s Day gift until the last minute, otherwise you more than likely wouldn’t be here.

 Fear not, you can now tick this off your to-do list today.

Difficult Dads

We understand just how difficult shopping for the most perfect Father’s Day gift can be. At the end of the day we have spent the last three years as a business digging and researching the best suppliers, products and gifts for special days such as Fathers Day. 

If you didn’t already know, gifting is a Book Resort specialty. 

Based on all the amazing feedback we got last year about our bespoke Father’s Day gifts we decided to kick it up a notch this year with our personalized gifts.There is a whole science behind why Dad’s can be so extremely difficult to shop for, which you can read about here, but if we’re being honest, you’re not here to do the research or wait for that ‘aha’ moment. You’re here to sort out a gift for a special occasion that just so happens to be Father’s Day. We’re also guessing that you’re determined not to let what happened last year happen again (yes we have all been there - the panic of Father’s Day morning where you have to run to the shop before he realizes).

Let’s get it right and make sure you don’t give them a Fathers Day gift that will sit on the shelf for the rest of their (and probably your) life. Summer may be here, but you can stop the heavy lifting - let us put in the work on your behalf and deliver the most perfect Father’s Day gift, right to your or your dad’s doorstep, any day of the week, even last minute

Now we know we are called The Book Resort and yes we DO in fact like to pair gifts with books to create the ultimate Father’s Day gift box, but we have so much more to offer for Father’s Day gifts. 

Father’s Day 2024 is going to be epic and you are going to be ready. 

This or That

Don’t be alarmed but even though you are here to find the most perfect Fathers Day gift, you may still be frustrated when you realize just HOW perfect these Fathers Day gifts are. You may end up undecided about the best gift to buy just because we really covered everything this year. 

When we’re undecided we like to write up a pros and cons list. Luckily for you there’s only pros to these gifts and we have compiled them in a neat list - just for you (and your da). 

This year gift your Dad with an amazing, personalized & sleek Fathers Day gift box or even better, sign them up for a book subscription. Father’s Day may only come once a year but spreading the love doesn’t have to. 

The Gift of the Fathers Day Gift Box 

We have a wide selection of themed gift boxes. Our selection of gifts for him range from all the cosmetics any man would need to some of the best books on the market right now.

Struggle to please a picky dad? Even better (and so do we). Maybe they’d be better off with a more personalised and customized gift tailored just to their needs.

Better again they might prefer to pick out their own gifts. Sometimes the gift of choice is the best option and give the choice you may with a gift card option! We guess pickers can't be choosers! 

Oh and don’t worry. With these gifts you can enjoy fast and free tracked delivery in Ireland on ALL of our gift boxes. Who knows you might come back for more this Christmas.

Super Dad

Our Dad’s do a lot for us and sometimes it can go unnoticed. Really we would all love to give them the moon and the stars. 

Now you can. 

If there is a full moon once a month, there is a subscription box once a month. If you think your dad deserves that little bit extra this year, why not go with our subscription service instead? 

Don’t trust us just yet? Find out what our subscribers think of our service 

And on that note, here’s a couple of reasons you should choose the subscription service.

Every month not only will your father receive a lovely box with a brilliant book, delicious chocolate and an artisan Irish gift, all from Irish suppliers every month but did you know that...

  • He can pause his subscription at anytime (for as long as he may like)
  • He can cancel his subscription anytime (without any notice, we know the score)
  • He can change the payment date (as often as he may wish)
  • If he has read the book we send him, we will include another book in his next subscription box (we won’t even ask for the original book back)


We know that when you hand your Father his Book Resort gift this year he is going to be over the moon and if you want, we will ensure that he is over the moon once a month!

If gifts are not their thing and they’re just here for the books then let them know about our book club community. Here we chat about some amazing books such as The Midnight LibraryShuiggie BainHamnet and so many more! 

However, if chatting is not his thing either, make sure to check out our social media for some amazing and manly book recommendations on the lead up to Father’s Day!  

Give the gift of reading this Father’s Day. Help them build a hobby for life whilst supporting Irish businesses and enjoying the convenience while we do the hard work. You (or he) will not regret it.

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