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What is the best book club in Ireland?

What is the best book club in Ireland?

I’m sure you all know about our book club by now, and if you don’t WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Regardless, we wanted to let you in on a little secret about how incredible books and book clubs can be and how they can change your life.

The idea of a book club obviously didn’t originate from us – even though we wish it did. And, although we would love to delve into the history of where the first book club came from because we are absolute nerds here at The Book Resort, it may not be as entertaining as we would expect (according to Google the first book club began in 1634!). However, our idea to set up our own book club was based on being members of a wide variety of book clubs as well as setting up small ones amongst friends and family in the past- one of our most ‘famous’ being named ‘Pinot and Paperbacks’. We never did get around to reading the books but we always drank the wine! I’m sure you’ve all been there and never got around to chatting about the book!

So, as soon as Covid-19 came along the idea really began to take shape for The Book Resort Book Club. We just want to take a moment here to hold our hands up to all of those businesses that took the plunge and got their businesses online during the course of the pandemic. It is not an easy thing to do but it is an amazing thing to see. So many fantastic ideas have flourished for companies and businesses over the past year. They have adapted amazingly and we have definitely taken inspiration from Irish businesses over the course of the last year.

Back to the moral of the story, of course the whole idea of a book club originally is to meet up in a group, supply some food maybe some drinks, have a chat and talk about the chosen book. Now however, the normal thing to do is different. We decided to take advantage of everyone being stuck at home as an opportunity to get even more people involved because at the end of the day inviting  200+ people to a real life event can be difficult at times, even for some of the biggest businesses around! Our online platform gives us a space to host these meetings and discussions with ease before we look into real-time events (which yes will of course be happening eventually). It also gives us the opportunity to learn a bit more about our members, what they like, what they don’t like etc.

Putting content and ideas together for our book club has been so fulfilling in a time that has been difficult to navigate. This is because you know you are making a difference in people’s lives. This may seem like a minor detail to some but I remember very well when I became a member of my first book club. I will never forget the excitement of sharing my love of books with others because not many people around me felt the need to read as much as I did. It was simply life-changing and allowed me to meet so many different people.

Meeting and engaging with new people can be a daunting task at times, especially when you know that not everyone will agree with your thoughts and ideas. One thing I, and I believe a lot of people struggle with when growing up, is other people’s opinions. I can honestly say a book club is a great place to learn how to work and compromise with others. Everyone has their own opinions and as much as you may want to change someone’s mind when you don’t agree with them, some people’s minds just can’t be changed – which is GREAT. That is the whole point of the democratic human race isn’t it? To be different?  If we were all the same, had the same thoughts and opinions - what would we talk about? How would we learn or grow? When you learn and understand to cope with the idea that everyone is different and have their own morals, thoughts, opinions and ideas, you can begin to accept yourself as also being different with different ideas, opinions and values. In turn, you can begin to grow and flourish! We love to see it!

So if you are reading this, we are firm believers in that you found this blog post for a reason! Here is your sign to join a book club today (it doesn’t necessarily have to be ours but it is pretty great). Or, why not start your own book club? It doesn’t have to be huge with hundreds of members. It can be you and your two best friends on Whatsapp once a week! If you’re not at that stage yet or not ready to take the plunge because you might be a bit nervous, this is your sign to simply read. Just read whatever, whenever and wherever you can because it is good for the soul and it can absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

We hope you enjoyed our little ramble on books and book clubs. What can we say? We just adore it!

P.s. if you do set up or join a book club do let us know. If you decide to join ours – welcome! We are so happy to have you!

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The Book Resort Team x

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