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Lip Balm from The Moher Soap Company

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Lips lack the protective outer layer and oil glands present in the rest of our skin, leaving them at the mercy of the elements.  The recipes from The Moher Soap Company are designed to work around this, with beeswax offering protection and each blend of oils formulated to provide soothing and moisturising qualities.

Let the beeswax protect your lips from the elements and the solid oils and butters treat and heal them. We also added some castor oil for them to shine!


A little note about some of the ingredients:

Pure Beeswax acts as an antiseptic and contains a large amount of vitamin A which is required for skin development. The Pure White Beeswax is produced by exposing Yellow Beeswax to sunlight and air. They are then crushed into smaller granular form.

Pure Certified Organic Cocoa Butter is rich in natural Fats and Vitamin E so perfect for all skincare.

x1 supplied.

The Moher Soap Company is a small Irish business located in Clare 🇮🇪