About Us

We create moments of gifting magic.  We also happen to curate gorgeous gift boxes...

Wondering how it all began? Let us tell you.

My name is Aisling, founder of The Book Resort, a subscription and gift box company born in Waterford in late 2019. 

I was always a big reader who also happens to be a chocoholic with big dreams. I wondered if maybe, just maybe, I could turn my dreams into reality by combining two of my favorite things on this planet - books and chocolate - into a business. 

As does everything, the initial idea started with a little ‘I wonder’ moment. Shortly after the lists developed into more lists and the hard work began. 

After months of thinking, researching testing and reading (yes more reading) the idea of The Book Resort started to take shape. It scaled so much quicker than I initially anticipated that the hard work never stopped. It literally turned from working at a kitchen table to a warehouse on my own property! 

We were back to the drawing board a number of times with lots of debates around branding, customer service etc.  So we launched the website, gently at first to make sure it was something that people would like.

It was soon clear that a bigger lift was needed, so I did what any sane & rational person would do and I left my job, my lovely, secure job!  Yes, I was secretly terrified but very excited.

Shortly after the global pandemic hit (it's like the plot twist in a good book), suppliers closed while customers started asking for more products. We knew something amazing was just over the hill so we pulled up our sleeves (aka, did not sleep very much), put our heads down and got to work - we haven’t stopped since. So now in 2022, we have a shiny new premises, loads and loads of lovely new and old suppliers, deeper relationships with our customers and a tiny but passionate & dedicated team (including my two sons) who are helping us grow.

Our number one goal is to bring happiness and moments of magic to our customers. But, while we do that we also want to…

  • Deliver happiness and delight with every experience by exceeding expectations
  • Support our community-suppliers, customers, charity, staff and book club members
  • Encourage passion about reading
  • Inspire by championing other Irish businesses
  • Constantly strive to improve, amaze and always be kind.

The rest of the story? We are living it and writing it right now in Co. Waterford...welcome to our little corner of the internet and also our dream!

In case we forgot to mention, we also recently got our very first van! Make sure to give us a beep if you see us pass!

Aisling & The Book Resort Team 💕.

Want to learn a little bit more about us. Here’s a couple (or a lot) of different perspectives! 




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Ryan Tubridy mentioned us on his morning show on RTE Radio 1 when he was talking about shopping local and supporting small businesses.

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I chatted with Orla Rappel on "The Sunday Grill" about how people can shop online and still support local businesses by shopping with The Book Resort 

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The Book Resort was live on air with Mairead Ronan for "Beat the Business".

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The Book Resort was featured live on air on Ireland AM by Triona McCarthy.

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We were live on radio with Jennifer Zamparelli on Thursday 24th January 2020.

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The Book Resort was featured in the print edition of Womans Way on January 20th 2020.

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