Collection: Tomitago


Tomitago manufactures; 100% chemical-free, clean skin care products, that provide the most stunning results every single time.

Tomitagos unisex products have been formulated to, not only be super effective yet gentle on all skin types, but to create the ultimate Spa like feeling in your own home.

All of the ingredients used in Tomitago products are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. They are expertly blended to create products which contain the most nourishing and invigorating properties.

A truly boutique skin care experience. 

Tomitago Beauty Elixir The Beauty Elixir is a unisex product and 100% chemical free.  It eliminates the need for separate eye serum,face serum,eye cream,day cream,night cream and primer.  One product does it all!

Tomitago Konjac Sponge ~ The konjac sponge is a non chemical wash sponge made of 100% natural, vegetable silk fibres from the konjac root. By using daily, the skin will regain its natural softness and glow. 

Tomitago Miss Moti Anti Ageing Moisturiser   ~ Highly moisturising, nourishing and re-hydrating skin moisturiser suitable for normal to dry/mature skin types. With the addition of : Rosemary essential oil-potent skin tonic. Frankincense essential oil-to treat dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and scars. Ylang Ylang essential oil-purifying, healing, regenerative.

Tomitago Tomitago Monoi de Tahiti Body Butter 100g ~ A stunning blend of Monoi de Tahiti, Shea butter and pure Almond Oil make up this velvety smooth Body Butter.  Monoi oil is produced by soaking the petals of the Tiaré flower — also known as the Tahitian gardenia — in pure coconut oil. Both the flower and oil are native to French Polynesia. Monoi oil is produced according to very specific standards passed down by generations of South Pacific healers.  This is a soothing and protective body butter that deeply hydrates skin without stripping it of its natural oils. A fantastic product for dry, irritated skin conditions. It also leaves a wonderful sheen on the skin after application!