Collection: Irish Socksciety

Irish Socksciety

Irish Socksciety loves all that is quirky and humorous of contemporary Ireland.  Irish Socksciety feel that feet have lots to say, and to help them talk, Irish Socksciety design colourful and funny socks in Galway in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.

Irish Socksciety  are best friends who dance, laugh and work together – in any order really, as it usually happens all at once.  They are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but socks, socks are very special to them.

Irish Socksciety choose the socks very carefully, sometimes odd socks, sometimes patterned or themed and always lots of colour. That’s why designing socks is what Irish Socksciety are passionate about.

Irish Socksciety socks brighten up any occasion from boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates.