Collection: Moher Soap Co

The Moher Soap Co Ireland

Both Raquel from The Moher Soap Company and her husband have ‘working hands’. For years they both had trouble with dry and broken skin as a result of repeated hand washing with commercially produced soap. They slowly came around to the idea of making soap themselves, using only natural ingredients, at home in the kitchen.  Raquel quickly became fascinated with the world of soapmaking.

Falling back on her scientific training and time spent working in laboratories, Raquel gradually built up an understanding of how various natural ingredients interact to influence the properties of soap.  With a strong personal interest in packaging Raquel started researching how best to present her soap from The Moher Soap Co to the world and fell in love with the idea of wrapping the soap in fabric, a material that people could reuse to make other things with, themselves. This zero-waste ethos carried forward into homemade wooden moulds and cutters, the aluminium tins, glass jars and organza gift bags that you will find with the rest of her range today.