Green Angel White Linen Room Spray

Green Angel White Linen Room Spray

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Are you planning a dinner party? You need your secret fragrance to control odours in the kitchen and to refresh any bathroom after you have guests. Elegant with a minimalistic design, you need Green Angel's White Linen Room Spray anytime you play host.

Green Angel is an Irish business based in Dublin 🇮🇪

Why use Green Angel Room Spray?

• Refreshes any room instantly
• Beautiful scents in an elegant spray bottle
• Convenient size, ideal for handbags and the car
• Ideal to brighten up shoes and fabrics
• A perfect addition to any present

How do I use my Green Angel Room Spray?

• Refresh any room with two sprays
• Bigger rooms will require four-six sprays
• One spray in the front and back of the car
• Freshen up fabric or shoes with one spray